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Account books

Subject Source: Art & Architecture Thesaurus

Found in 104 Collections and/or Records:

John Bishop account book

 Collection — Box 1
Identifier: 00-1973-64-0
Scope and Contents The John Bishop account book (1973-64-0) was maintained in 1900 by John Bishop. The account book records his purchases made at the dry goods and grocery store owned by Frank E. Hull in New Haven, Connecticut. Items purchased are noted along with their price, and on what day the transaction took place.
Dates: Created: 1900; Other: Date acquired: 12/12/1972

Bissell family collection

Identifier: 1949-24-0
Scope and Contents The papers of the Bissell and Bissell-Baldwin families, including family members, friends, and business associates. The collection consists of correspondence, business records, account books, and other records. Isaac Bissell (1682-1744) moved to Litchfield in 1723, where he owned a 60th share, approximately 700 acres. He was the father of ten children, including Benjamin (1717-1747) and Zebulon (1724-1777). The Bissells were farmers, although there is little material in the Society's...
Dates: Created: 1760-1926; Other: Date acquired: 01/01/1949

Ebenezer Bolles family papers

Identifier: 1932-22-0
Scope and Contents The Ebenezer Bolles family papers relate to Ebenezer Bolles (1764-1826), his sons Ebenezer W. Bolles (1793-1854), Samuel Penfield Bolles (1795-1875), and Henry Bolles (1802-1849), and Samuel's wife's half-brother William Mather Clark (1805-1878). The papers consist of correspondence, deeds, legal papers, and account books. Ebenezer Bolles (1764-1826) married Abigail Penfield Bolles (1763-1844). They settled in Litchfield, where all of their children where born; as adults, most of them moved...
Dates: Created: 1789-1849; Other: Date acquired: 01/01/1932

G.S. and H. Booth Account Book

 Collection — Box 1
Identifier: 1972-12-3
Scope and Contents G.S. and H Booth Account Book (1972-12-3) is an account book used by a food store in New Milford. The item opens with an alphabetized index which contains the names found in the book as well as the page numbers they can be found on. The book is then a record of transactions. The entries contain the name of the person with whom the transaction was made and then a list of the items. Items sold at this store range from sugar, pumpkins, rum, and tobacco. Between pages 102 and 103 lie some loose...
Dates: Created: 1839-1841; Other: Date acquired: 01/02/1972

Reuben Booth account book

Identifier: 00-1972-134-0
Scope and Contents The Reuben Booth account book (1972-134-0) is an account book maintained by Reuben Booth for the years 1876 through 1906. Reuben Booth ran a dry goods store in New Milford, Connecticut. The account book lists out names and monetary amounts, but does not indicate specifics about transactions. The back of the ledger contains book keeping for bank accounts. The item is housed in 3B Box 8.
Dates: Created: 1876-1906; Other: Date acquired: 12/02/1971

Bostwick and Weed account book

 Collection — Box 1
Identifier: 00-2011-123-0
Scope and Contents The Bostwick and Weed account book (2011-123-0) is an account book used by the Bostwick and Weed general store during the years 1835-1839. The book contains a few styles of organization and entry styles. The book opens with entries from 1836 describing work done and notes given to various people. There then seems to be a short index that contains give names and the page number those five names appear on. This is then followed by entries created in 1835. These entries contain the date of the...
Dates: Created: 1835-1839; Other: Date acquired: 06/07/2011

Phineas Bradley Day Book

 Collection — Box 1
Identifier: 00-1978-23-203
Scope and Contents The Phineas Bradley Day Book (1978-23-203) records daily business transactions from 1791-1795 for a store Bradley operated in Litchfield, Connecticut. The items listed in the day book are primarily spirits and medicinal items. Other items are sold as well including raisins and tea. Entries in the day book correspond to entries in his ledger. Currently housed in 3B Box 20.
Dates: Created: 1792-1794; Other: Date acquired: 01/07/1978

Phineas Bradley Ledger

 Collection — Box 1
Identifier: 00-1953-30-0
Scope and Contents The Phineas Bradley Ledger (1953-30-0) records business transactions from 1791-1794 for a store he operated in Litchfield, Connecticut. In the front of the ledger there is an index which was added later. The ledger is arranged by customer, with their expenses on one side and forms of payment on the opposite page. Bradley does not itemize items in the ledger, referring to most purchases as “sundries.” The entries are more specific in his day book and correspond to entries in the Ledger. ...
Dates: Created: 1791-1794; Other: Date acquired: 06/07/2011

Nelson Brewster papers

Identifier: 1971-42-0
Scope and Contents The papers of Nelson Brewster (1793?-1850), a lawyer who resided in Goshen, Conn. The papers consist of approximately 125 items, including legal records, bank reports, and similar documents. Included in the collection is a set of papers (23 items) related to the administration of Putnam Bailey's estate, 1840-1841. Bailey was a successful merchant and postmaster in North Goshen and left an estate of approximately $50,000. The estate required several years for settlement. The reports to Brewster...
Dates: Created: 1811-1855; Other: Date acquired: 01/11/1971

Beverly Scoville Bronson account book

Identifier: 00-2011-115-0
Scope and Contents The Beverly Scoville Bronson account book (2011-115-0) was maintained from 1885 through 1891. The book contains cash accounts for items purchased, as well as wage accounts for compensation that Mr. Bronson earned as a labor from individuals as well as the town of Middlebury. Beverly Scoville Bronson was born January 9, 1861 in Middlebury, Connecituct and passed away in March of 1908. The item is housed in 3A Box 31.
Dates: Created: 1885-1891; Other: Date acquired: 10/06/2012